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He Said, She-Shed

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Noun: A small building separate from the main home, reserved specifically for the use of an adult woman, in which she can relax and pursue her interests.

Synonym: woman cave

About a year ago, my husband and I were house hunting. In addition to the usual wish list items - a finished basement, a large eat-in kitchen, a good sized back yard - a space I could use as a "she-shed" was a must. Not only had we outgrown our prior home, but I began to notice that everyone in our family had a place of their own to go to when they needed a minute to themselves...except me. The Hubs, our Girls, heck even the dog all had their own space! The need for my own private sanctuary was so important to me that when we found our current home, I agreed to give the entire walk in closet to The Hubs in exchange for my taking over our fourth bedroom. Yes, you read that right lol.

It was a huge trade off, but so very worth it. My sanity depended on it - having a place to call "mine" became a non- negotiable. I desperately needed a place to run to when I needed peace. A space to mediate, manifest, pray, dream and most importantly, a place where I could be me. Not just Dylan's Mommy, or wife to The Hubs, or my step daughter's Daynish...but ME.

My wish is for all of my mommies reading this post is to find their own version of a she-shed. I use our extra bedroom for my she-shed, but I realize that isn't always feasible for everyone. Remember that any space will do - quiet time in the bathtub after everyone is in bed, hiding out in a pantry or closet (remember the viral video a few years ago of the mom hiding from her kids in her pantry, eating her snack in peace? lol). Or my personal favorite to this day - just sitting in your car in Target's parking lot, drinking a Frappuccino and eating a slice of lemon loaf in silence. Trust me - it's pure bliss.


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