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Vision Boards, Manifestation & Affirmation...Oh My

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Many believe creating a vision board to be a great tool to visually organize your dreams, thoughts and aspirations in a creative way.

Do Affirmations Work?

I was first introduced to the idea of affirmations while watching one of my favorite TV shows, Being Mary Jane (Gabrielle Union is my spirit animal lol). Every episode, Mary Jane was surrounded by post it filled affirmations that she placed on the frame of the entire bathroom mirror. Oftentimes Gabrielle's character would say the affirmations aloud, or the camera our pan towards the mirror, focusing on one or two. These affirmations sometimes changed depending on the concept of that particular week's show, but the concept was carried through all seasons of the show.

Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams

The practice of manifestation is has seen a lot of hype lately, and I argue that it is almost as overused as the term "self care" (we'll dive into that topic later lol). Even still, many believe that stating your intentions/goals/dreams in such a way that you are actually trusting them to be true will ultimately lead to their fruition. Hi, my name is Dayna, and I am one of those people lol. I 100% believe that I manifested the life I have now, and that envisioning it allowed me to focus on the work required to achieve it. Because yes, you still have to do the work.

I think this is why so many swear by vision boards - there is something about seeing your dreams outside of your head and on paper that to me, make them that much more real. And if you believe them to be real, I think we are more likely to put in as much effort as it takes to get there.

Vision Board Tips

Before starting to work on your vision board, I suggest starting by listing your goals for the year. It can be a formal list, or a brain dump of sorts...whatever method you find works best for you. What I find most helpful about taking this step first is that it allows me to really narrow down what I want to focus on once I put all of my thoughts down on paper.

Once this step is completed, I separate my list into two sections - goals that are likely to be achieved, and what I like to call stretch goals. My stretch goals are those that are definitely more difficult to achieve, will require more work, effort and discipline on my part, but are not 100% impossible to accomplish. I like to include them on my vision board as motivation to keep going, to keep growing, and most importantly to keep evolving. If your initial list doesn't include goals that will make you just a tad bit uncomfortable, I suggest visualizing the person you ultimately want to become. What work will it take to get there?

Have you every made your own vision board? Do you believe in manifestation? Let me know down below...let's chat!

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